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If You Hate The Sound Of People Chewing, Then You’re Probably A Genius

Do you get unfathomably angry at the sound of people doing the following: Drinking, chewing, crunching, gulping, nail biting, slurping, swallowing, clicking, breathing, sniffling, wheezing, whistling, finger tapping… the list goes on. For some people reading this, those words alone are enough to get their blood boiling. If you’re like …

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It’s a Vegan Dream Come True! McDonald’s Introduces First Ever Vegan Burger Called ‘McVegan’ in Finland and Sweden!

Good news for all the animal lovers. Finally, there is something on the menu that you can eat at McDonald’s! McDonald’s has introduced it’s first ever vegan burger! The McVegan was first tested in Tampere, Finland from October to November. The idea was to gauge the success of sales for the burger …

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Camilla Parker Bowles ‘branded Princess Diana a “mad cow” in private’

Uncommon insights about their severe quarrel were influenced public by creator Tom Bower Camilla Parker Bowles marked Princess Diana a “MAD COW” in private, it developed today. Uncommon insights about their intense quarrel were influenced public by creator Tom To nook. Prince Charles and Camilla endeavored to paint Diana as …

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