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Pregnant Side Chick Texts the Wrong Person and Things Take a Hilarious Turn

The conversation you are about to read is between a woman who got knocked up and a wrong number she texted, thinking she was talking to the guy who knocked her up’s, girlfriend! Little did she know it was a wrong number! The recipient was an expert troller and played it excellently! Read the conversation below!

This person got a text out of nowhere saying “Your boyfriend got me pregnant.”

We imagine this person was either a straight guy or a single girl as they took it lightly and replied with “Oh no! Which boyfriend?”

The girl went on to mention a guy named Sam.

Upon hearing the name Sam the receiver sent a series of pictures of famous characters named Sam, including the likes of Sam Winchester from Supernatural!

The receiver’s next guess was Sam from Lord of The Rings! Was this hobbit having some adventures of his own?

Samwell Tarly from Game of Thrones is about the sweetest Sam you’ll ever meet, and I assume he’d do anything before he cheats on his love Gilly! It’s probably not him then!

Let’s admit it. It is a very funny situation but more importantly, could you imagine Dean Winchester as Batman? Here’s a shout out to the casting team at WB to make this happen! #Waynechester #Batchester

Meanwhile, miss Knocked-Up is getting agitated!

She’s so bugged it looks like she’s forgotten all her English lessons from the fourth grade.

The receiver who we shall now call Dean is having a good Grammar Nazi time.

Yes, Dean, you are adorable. We agree. But you are a little self-centered maybe?

When you’re sarcasm is so good, she thinks you’re serious.

Come on; you can’t have a conversation without Sam and Dean references!

And here is the beautiful moment when this lady finally realized Dean is not Sam’s girlfriend. Oh god…

First, she got knocked up by Sam and then she got knocked out by Dean with this text!

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