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Trans-Species Woman Spends £40,000 To Turn Herself Into A Dragon

Eva’s story

When Eva Tiamat Medusa was informed that she was infected with HIV, her reaction to the news was far from anything anyone could have predicted.

Eva used to work as a vice president in a bank when she was given the news of her serious illness. She resolved there and then to not die as a human being and began to undertake her transformation into a dragon.

Eva’s story about her transformation itself is one worth listening to. She claims that her origins as a dragon began when she was abandoned at the age of five by her parents. A Western diamondback rattlesnake found her and raised her as it’s own child. Quite similar to the story of Romulus and Remus from the Roman legends.

She said while speaking to the Wizard Of Odd TV

For me, my transformation is the greatest journey of my life, there are profound reasons and deep meanings about my transformation and why I’m doing it.

I have two mothers: one is my original birth mother and my second birth is to my reptilian parents, which are the rattlesnakes.

My big thing though was I didn’t want to die in this world looking like a human.

As much awesomeness and goodness there is in humans, compared to other species they are the most destructive and hateful.

I decided at that time, that it was time for a change in my life, so I wanted to look like something that wasn’t human.

Eva’s journey to Dragonhood

Her first transformations were her very realistic scale tattoos which made her skin look reptilian.

Her next step was to have her nose reshaped to make it look more slit-like, similar to what you see on the Dragons in Game of Thrones.

This was followed by having her ears removed to give them the simple, hole like shapes that reptiles normally have. Mammals have more elaborate ears to facilitate their acoustic intake to avoid predators and detect prey. Reptiles do not, having simple holes on the sides of their heads. This was replicated by Eva to mimic the look of reptiles more closely as they formed the baseline of her Dragon look.
The final step, for now, was her getting her eye-whites coloured green.

Additional procedures, risks and costs

Some additional surgeries that took place along with the above-mentioned procedures involved adding 8 horn-like modifications to her head. And having most of her teeth removed. Her tongue was also bifurcated into two to give it a more serpentine look.

The tongue and eye procedures were perhaps the most dangerous of the bunch. Tongue piercings as drastic as Eva’s can cause swelling which prevents swallowing food as well as loss of taste. The eye staining can lead to permanent blindness or loss of vision if not done correctly. Thankfully, Eva has been spared most of these side effects due to the skill of her cosmetic surgeons. Which is why her procedures cost more than others.
In the same interview with Wizard Of Odd TV, she said that

 “I have eight horns on my forehead; I have had my ears removed; my nose reshaped; most of my teeth removed

“I’ve had the white-part of my eyes stained, my tongue bifurcated, my whole face is tattooed and I’ve had some scarification and branding on my chest and wrist.

All of these procedures cost an estimated 42,000 pounds by some accounts. Eva’s previous high-placed job as vice-president of a bank is what enabled her to fund the entire plethora of surgical procedures she needed to complete her transformation.

And this isn’t even the end of her journey as Eva discloses she has another 28,000 pounds worth of cosmetic surgery planned.

Eva’s journey: Reigniting the debate about transsexuality

In a way, Eva’s journey towards becoming a dragon is a manifestation of her journey from her birth gender of male to womanhood as well. Eva was born male and undertook several gender reassignment surgeries to transition to the female gender.

Her journey to dragon hood began after her HIV diagnosis and Eva has talked about how the physical transformation from human being to dragon hood mirrored her journey as a transgender as well. She hopes the news of her transition from one species to other further fuels the debate around transgender rights as well. While speaking to The Wizard Of Odd TV she said

“I would like for there to be an open dialogue about the world of body modification and understand what it was like to live as a gay-man for 53-years and now as a transsexual woman.

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what it means to be transsexual and then further than that – something that I’m introducing – the idea of trans-speciesism.

I consider myself not just to be human anymore; I’m human and reptilian. My greatest desire in life is to continue my body modification until my metamorphosis is complete.

This is what drives me – this is the reason why I get up every day and live.

I hope that my story will help other people – not only those who have gone through hard times, but also people who have lost hope.”

The way forward

Whether you agree or disagree with the journey of Physical transformation Eva has undertaken, we all wish her the best of luck. She is battling a disease and fighting the stigma society has placed around trans sexuality, both at the same time. Her new battle is against society’s taboo on extreme body modification. At the end of the day, we hope she finds happiness in the choices she makes for her own physical autonomy.

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